Website History

Lovely Lizzo was started in April 2020 and opened on April 27th (Lizzo’s birthday) by Jess.

The how and why..

I have been following Lizzo’s career since I heard “Good As Hell” in the film Something Great on Netflix. I love LIzzo’s lyrics and her attititude to life – particularly how positive she is about her body and her looks. I bought the domain when I realised it was available and immediately started building a site. The result is what you see here!

Paparazzi/Gossip Policy

Simply Mandy/Simply Mandy Moore maintains a strict policy of respecting Mandy’s privacy and her right to a day to day life. This website will, therefore, be paparazzi free. Pictures of her not working will not be posted on this site. This includes photos of her seen out and about shopping or going for a walk with family or friends. We may include ‘on set’ photos if they appear unobtrusive.

As we all know Mandy works very hard and, like everyone else, has the right to privacy and a private life. With that said, our aim is to respect this as much as is possible while providing an accurate and up-to-date source on her career.