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Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, Dutch, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
Scripts: Μελισσα(Ancient Greek)
Pronounced: Mah-lis-aah

Meaning and history
Means “bee” in Greek. In Greek mythology this was the name of a daughter of Procles, as well as an epithet of various Greek nymphs and priestesses. According to the early Christian writer Lactantius this was the name of the sister of the nymph Amalthea, with whom she cared for the young Zeus. Later it appears in Ludovico Ariosto’s poem Orlando Furios (1516) belonging to the fairy who helps Ruggiero escape from the witch Alcina. As an English given name, Melissa has been used since the 18th century.

Variants: Melyssa(English) Melitta(Ancient Greek)
Diminutives: Lissa, Malinda, Mel, Melina, Melinda, Mindy, Missie, Missy, Melantha (English)
Other languages and cultures: Melisa(Bosnian,) Mélissa (French), Melitta (German), Melika (Hawaiian) Melissza, Melinda (Hungarian) Melisa (Spanish) Melis, Melisa (Turkish)
Same spelling: Mélissa


Gender: Feminine
Usage: French
Pronounced: Vee-vee-en

Meaning and history
French form of Viviana. It is also the French form of Vivien.

Variants: Vivienne, Vivianne
strong>Diminutives: Vivien (masculine form)
Other languages and cultures: Vivian, Vivi (Danish), Vivian, Vianne, Viviette, Vivyan (English), Viivi (Finnish), Vivien (Hungarian), Viviana, Bibiana (Italian), Viviana, Bibiana (Late Roman), Vivien (Literature) Vivian, Vivi (Norwegian) Bibiána (Slovak) Viviana, Bibiana (Spanish) Vivian, Vivi (Swedish).